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Meet Doe 1:1 via video call~ digital signed poster included!


Due to the artist DOE [ AWURA | MIXXBLU ] ‘s hospital schedule, 

1st international online meet and greet “WORLDWIDE #1” will be delayed 

From 07.06 12:00 p.m. [ KST ] to 07.07:00 p.m. [ KST ]


We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the delay.

With all my apologies, We changed the price of the online fan meeting from $60 to $45.

Those who have already purchased the ticket will get a refund of $15. 

Tickets can be purchased on the website until 07.07 11 a.m. [KST].


Thank you for you guys support to DOE [ AWURA | MIXXBLU ] ‘s 1st international online meeting and greet "WORLDWIDE #1" and we apologize again for the date change.


Everyone's support means the world to Doe, meet you all soon <3

Digital Fan Meeting

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